Y haplogroup predictor

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Y haplogroup predictor

Upload your data file for Haplogroup analysis: or use the advanced options. There is a discussion about mthap on eng. You can also email your questions to me at james.

Updated comprehensive phylogenetic tree of global human mitochondrial DNA variation. Hum Mutat 30 2 :EE Turner, Ann Data Version Previous builds reconverted with some format changes.

y haplogroup predictor

Program Version 0. Determine tree root dynamically and remove various hard codings of rCRS haplogroup. Fixed handling and display of insertions longer than 9 bases.

Make PhyloTree data more modular. Replaced DNA Forums link with new eng. Can select from all builds of PhyloTree, and data files now completely independent of code and html. Can handle arbitrarily ordered sequences. Report page title now customized with identifier by default based on file name. Can handle rCRSdiff without base. Long segments of deletion will be considered unsequenced. Improved handling of indels in W. Sequenced ranges can now be specified.

Better handling of 23andMe SNP. Can now handle coding-region-only sequences correctly. Fixed some full sequence alignment problems.

Fixed bug where optional matching markers sometimes appear in the Extras list. Handle commas and leading zeros in rCRSdiff files.In human geneticsHaplogroup G M is a Y-chromosome haplogroup. None of the sampling done by research studies shown here would qualify as true random sampling, and thus any percentages of haplogroup G provided country by country are only rough approximations of what would be found in the full population.

SNP testing was not done, but this one sample was predicted G based on haplotype. When originally tested for SNPsG was not an available test. In a study of men in the Comoros Islands off the southeastern African coast, 1. A survey of the population of Libya based on testing of SNPs is lacking, but a close approximation for the population in Tripoli in the western part of the country based on the STR markers of 63 samples from there in the YHRD database [7] indicates 7.

Another study gathered samples only from hamlets in Morocco's Azgour Valley, where none of 33 samples were determined G. Another study of Jewish men found In a study, in South Africa no G was found among 8 African men. Among samples from Cyprus Among samples taken in Iraq in a study, 2. Among Jews in Israel 9. A study of Druze men found Among samples taken in Jordan5. In another study, 5.

In 42 samples taken in Kuwait2.

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In a study confined to Bedouin tribes of Kuwait, among samples 3. Most of these were found among the Aniza. Among samples from Lebanon in a study, 7.

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Within the religious groups, 7. In 29 samples from a study among the Druze in Lebanon, none were G in contrast to significant percentages of G among them in Syria and Israel. Among samples taken in Palestine 8.You may choose a version of the program with the markers in FTDNA order or numerical order by clicking the button of your choice above. First time users should read the Instructions page first see tabs above. Some companies use different standards for some markers, so read the "Conventions" page see tabs above to see which standards nomenclature are used in this program.

Markers for which there are nomenclature issues are colored pink on the data entry page. An example of the data entry screen is shown below. There are links on the right to two articles describing the "fitness score" calculations and the Bayesian probability calculations. Haplogroup C3. Which Haplogroup Are You In? What's NEW?

y haplogroup predictor

Create your own web pages in minutes Haplogroup Predictor. Click your program choice:. Click here for article that explains fitness scores in the Journal of Genetic Genealogy, Click here for article that explains the Bayesian approach to probabilities in the Journal of Genetic Genealogy2 The form below is a sample--not an actual data entry form. Results appear in the results table below:. Click the ISOGG link above for a detailed Y phylogenetic tree and descriptions of the haplogroups with references and resources.

The haplogroup program has been re-coded in a very efficient manner by Doug McDonald, and his considerable contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

Click your program choice for markers:.We process personal data about users of our site, through the use of cookies and other technologies, to deliver our services, personalize advertising, and to analyze site activity. We may share certain information about our users with our advertising and analytics partners.

Whit Athey’s predictor

For additional details, refer to our Privacy Policy. You also acknowledge that this forum may be hosted outside your country and you consent to the collection, storage, and processing of your data in the country where this forum is hosted. I Agree. Logging in Remember me.

YSEQ Haplogroup Predictor (beta version)

Log in. Forgot password or user name? A yDNA Haplogroup predictor. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Donald Cooley. Whit Athey has developed a yDNA haplogroup predictor. It is real time - enter your DYS numbers and wait for the predictor to amend its prediction before entering the next number. As a test, I entered my 12 DYS values you can enter up to Values between 20 and 50 indicate a fair fit.

Values below 20 indicate an unlikely membership in that haplogroup. The Genographic Project said I'm in haplogroup H1a, so it works for me.

I'd be interested if this works for other folks, plus any other comments you may have. Anyone know how it works? Tags: None.

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It works I entered all 37 markers Comment Post Cancel. I think it also worked for me in the sense that none of the values was 50 or above. I am Haplogroup K, and this group is not listed. Do you know why this group is not even listed? Same thing with me. I do not fit in the model: E3a: 2 E3b: 9 G: 6 I1a: 1 I1b: 2 I1c: 1 J2: 6 N: 3 R1a: 2 R1b 1 My results said I belong to undifferentiated "R" there are a few belonging to the group from which R1a and R1b came from, but who do not have the markers of any of the 2 "daughter" groups.

But I ordered an SNP test to be sure. My guess would be that only the haplogroups that are the most widespread in the British Isles and the US were included in that particular predictor. Since a basic excel spreadsheet is being used, it would have been incredibly complex to have dozens of haplogroups.Which software products are the most popular and accurate? However, as I know, there is no available tool to predict Y haplogroup when you provide vcf file containing snps information as input.

Log In. Welcome to Biostar! Please log in to add an answer. Does anyone know, where I can download the mutations defining each mtDNA haplogroup? Hi, I'm looking for a command line based tool that can be used to infer the ancestral haplotype Hello everyone!

Hi all, I am very interested in ancestry inference. Hi All, I hope to find a bridge to connect Y haplotype and Y haplogroup? Is there any hash key Is there some group or body that curates these data and is responsible for confirming the assignm If I extract the whole cellular genome and then I se I'm working on an animal that has only a draft genome, no reference genome except for its mitocho Hello Every one!! Happy New year to one and all!! Could you please point me to some good tutor I want to draw a geographic map with pie charts placed as markers for illustrating some statistic Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Powered by Biostar version 2.Follow the above link or click the graphic below to visit the Homepage. Ken Nordtvedt - Research on modal haplotypes of population varieties within haplogroup 'I'.

Markers Selected in Panels 1 - 3. Haplo-I Subclade Prediction is disabled until you perform a Haplogroup Prediction on a changed set of markers.

Your predicted Haplogroup s and probabilities will be displayed. If the predictor indicates that your haplotype is probably haplogroup 'I', then Haplo-I Subclade Prediction will be re-enabled.

All rights are reserved jointly by Jim Cullen and Ken Nordtvedt. Reproduction of this code is prohibited without prior permission. Beta Version 0. Thanks go out to John Simpson for the C. Your Custom-Ordered Marker List:. However it must be understood that, for the most part, the support and assistance consisted mainly of advice, feedback, and quality data in the form of modal haplotypes. Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding method, user interface, performance, or accuracy should be directed towards myself - the one who solely conceived and hand-coded the algorithm to perform the predictions.

These modal haplotypes, found on his web sitewere the basis for the Haplogroup and Haplo-I Subclade Predictor. His research and expertise in Haplogroup R1b is invaluable.

Alfred A. Aburto Jr. Dennis Wright: In recognition for his advice, feedback, and helpful data on Haplogroup R1b. S21 defines what is currently known as the R1b1c9 branch of the R1b-Tree. S29 defines the current R1b1c9b subclade. Clusters previously used in the Predictor had already been defined by the Haplo-Q Project and so their modal haplotypes have taken the place of mine. Thanks again to Rebekah for her help.

His modal haplotypes have been used in the predictor to cover those groups that have not been covered by anyone else.

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If you haven't visited his site - you need to go there now and take a look around. Just about every haplogroup project could learn something from the Haplozone E3b website. Organization and presentation of data is absolutely key - and Haplozone is the best example I've ever seen.Many people within a haplogroup share a type of mutation called single-nucleotide polymorphisms SNPs.

The human Y-chromosome accumulates roughly two mutations per generation. Y-chromosomal Adam is estimated to have lived roughlyyears ago in Africa. By examining other bottlenecks most Eurasian men men from populations outside of Africa are descended from a man who lived 69, years ago.

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Y-DNA haplogroup nomenclature is changing over time to accommodate the increasing number of SNPs being discovered and tested, and the resulting expansion of the Y-chromosome phylogenetic tree. This change in nomenclature has resulted in inconsistent nomenclature being used in different sources.

Sometimes these new SNPs cause a substantial change in the "longhand" explanation of your terminal Haplogroup. Because of this confusion, we introduced a shorthand version a few years ago that lists the branch of the tree and your terminal SNP, i.

J-L, in lieu of J1c3d. Therefore, in the very near term, Family Tree DNA will discontinue showing the current "longhand" on the tree and we will focus all of our discussions around your terminal defining SNP. This changes no science — it just provides an easier and less confusing way for us all to communicate. Michael F.

How to FIND YOUR HAPLOGROUP WITH THE Y-SNP Terminal Subclade Predictor using an Experimental tree

Hammer, University of Arizona. Y-Chromosomal Adam. Haplogroup B. Haplogroup D. Haplogroup E.

y haplogroup predictor

Haplogroup C. Haplogroup G. Haplogroup I. Haplogroup L. Haplogroup T. Haplogroup N. Haplogroup O. Haplogroup S. Haplogroup M. Haplogroup Q. Haplogroup A is the NRY macrohaplogroup from which all modern paternal haplogroups descend.

It is sparsely distributed in Africa, being concentrated among Khoisan populations in the southwest and Nilotic populations toward the northeast in the Nile Valley.

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The site of origin is likely in Africa. Its age has been estimated at approximately 88, years old, [12] [13] and more recently at around[14] oryears old. In such cases, however, the possibility of misidentification is considered to be relatively high and some may belong to misidentified subclades of Haplogroup GHIJK.


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